One Hundred and Two!

I was going to write this when I had finally helped 100 families grow…but 14 hours later the one hundred and first baby arrived!  So I was going to do it that night, but I decided I should sleep (I still had 4 more due within the next two weeks).  That was a good plan because the next day I met baby number 102! Three babies in three days! 102 families have allowed me to be present in the most unforgettable times of their lives!  Unbelievable!!!?!

In refection of all of this, I am humbled, excited, and amazed.  102 real live people out there, growing, learning, causing mischief, making people smile!!! My emotions and thoughts about this “monumental” point in my birth experiences are as varied as the story that each birth carries with it.  I’m feeling knowledgable and at the same time realizing that this work is a lifetime of learning and there is no way to EVER know it all.

There is one thing I DO know, however and it is that I am supposed to do this work.  This past weekend was FULL to say the least.  In between births, I sat with newborns and their mothers, assisting with nursing, pointing out cues, and reassuring parents that they are gonna be ok.  I love holding tiny, soft, feathery heads and watching little smirks creep across teeny lips.  Its fun to revel in the amazingness of each woman’s body, watch partners dance and cuddle and fall in love…And then there is the RAW beauty of birth!  The sweat and the moaning.  The clenched teeth and swaying of the hips.  Watching the tension release from a mamma’s forehead with a gentle sweep of the fingertip.  Is all so fascinating…EACH TIME!

And so I put my gratitude out there to all those families I have been blessed to help with!  Thank you for allowing me into your most sacred of spaces!  Thank you for trusting yourself and for trusting in “the unknown”, through all it’s twists and turns. Thank you to each and every one hundred and two!  May there be many more!

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