I Do What I Do Because…

Aloha!  My name is Jaymie Lewis.  I came to Oahu in 2006 from the Seattle area.  A year later my husband and I were expecting a baby.  Being pregnant changed my life!  My husband was unbelievably supportive when I told him I wanted to have our baby at home.  We sought out a pair of midwives and built a bond.  I really wanted to do the best for my baby and my body.  I started reading, taking Bradley Childbirth classes, I walked, I swam, we faced our fears, we watched natural birth videos…  Most importantly I learned to surrender to trust.  We entered our birth with realism.  Yes, its gonna be uncomfortable, yes it will end, yes the reward is great, yes it’s even a little bit scary…”the unknown”.  However we also knew that birth is a basic instinctual function, we were DESIGNED to be able to do this, and despite the ups and downs, if we can frame it how WE want it framed, we are able to ENJOY it, be wowed by it, be forever changed!


Our son was born at sunrise into the water on the lanai.  The birds sang and we were elated! Along with my son, my career was born!  I knew that I had to spread the word… birth doesn’t have to be scary, it is an incredible transformative moment and can be one of the greatest experiences of your life! It was just 3 years later that our daughter was born to us.  Her incredible birth only solidified my path into assisting families as best as I possibly can!


My path to midwifery started  in 2009 when I trained as a labor doula through C.A.P.P.A. and studied to become a Lactation Counselor.  I began my midwifery in 2010 in a home birth setting.  I had the honor to study under the guidance of two Naturopathic Physicians who were also midwives for 3 years before beginning training as a CPM for 3 additional years.  These opportunities led me to having the honor and privilege to help hundreds of babies be born into their families arms. I have certification in Neonatal Resuscitation through the American Heart Association and the American Academy of Pediatrics.  There is always something to learn when it comes to the child bearing cycle and I continue to attend trainings, lean into peer support, and most importantly be present and aware in each birth space I am welcomed into.  I am recognized by the community as a Direct Entry Midwife who has had the fortune of training under a variety of midwives and families here on our island home.

I LOVE what I do!  I love helping families prepare for their baby’s arrival.  I love welcoming babies earth side and watching partners become parents, even if they’re doing it for the 3rd…4th…5th time!  Encouraging breast feeding and helping moms and dads understand the little cues their babies give.  I feel honored and privileged to be welcomed into such a magical and vulnerable space and time.  Families deserve to know their choices and be supported in whatever path they choose to take.  That is what Hanau Pono is, it means “Positive Birth Experience” and that’s what I’m all about!

~updated 3/2019

5 thoughts on “I Do What I Do Because…

  1. I love you also!!! I am from Hawaii, but living in Brooklyn, NY. My baby was born last year at home, too.

    Oh, and I love the name, Hanau Pono!!!

    All the best!

  2. Jaymie!!! 😀 Your site is uplifting and making me excited for motherhood. Hawaii is so blessed to have your sweet, genuine spirit to assist its people through this joyous time:) looking forward to meeting with you hopefully soon:)

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