Julia and Andrew Welcome Baby Myra



Carissa and Fudge’s love make an Ocean!


monika & me bf

“Jaymie Lewis is the Best lactation consultant on Oahu, hands down! She, literally, saved my breastfeeding relationship with my daughter on many occasions. We went through initial latch issues, nipple soreness and cracking, the ever infamous how to nurse in public issue, to plugged ducts and nipple blisters on more than one occasion, mastitis, and learning to self express breast milk! Besides just the act of helping overcome these breastfeeding hurdles, the bigger gift Jaymie gave me (and has given countless women and families) is the confidence in our motherhood journeys. She’s one of us, not an authoritarian figure, so her counsel is easier to take, as many new mammas are sensitive to perceived (or real) criticism from others. Her passion for her calling as a birth worker shines through and lights up each space she enters and person she interacts with. I HIGHLY recommend Jaymie for lactation issues post postpartum, to even pre-baby head’s-up-on-breastfeeding sessions, and birth attendance. She rocks and I have consistently felt that she has left me with much more than I have ever repaid in a monetary sense as compensation for her invaluable and life affirming services. Happy mamma-ing! And pick Jaymie, pick Jaymie; she’s worth it!” Monika Catanzaro

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