Home Birth Midwifery Services:

Prenatal Care, Home Birth, and 6 weeks of Postpartum Care for both Mother and Baby.

After 6 years of apprenticeships under 3 different midwives, I am recognized by my community as a Direct Entry Midwife.  I am able to provide care for mother and baby throughout pregnancy, birth, and 6 weeks postpartum. Families get the added bonus of  a second midwife, who integrate herself into a few of the pre and post natal visits, and assist at the time of baby’s arrival.

Prenatal visits can be in your home or at my office and last approximately 60 minutes. The midwifery approach is individual, holistic care, which is why visits are scheduled for an extended amount of time. We will discuss overall wellbeing…physical, mental, and spiritual. Talks of nutrition, exercise, precautions, and preparations will manifest during the meetings. Women will discover the wonders of their body as it grows and changes throughout pregnancy and postpartum. Baby will reveal it’s patterns through movement and growth, leading to discussions of baby’s development. Families will explore ways to tune in to the way baby communicates with the mother and her body.

Post natal visits occur ideally in the bed the first week post Partum.  I will see families at least 3 times in that fist week where we will care for both mom and baby.  For mom, we discuss and support healthy physical recovery, lactation, diet, community support, mental health, and so much more.  In addition we explore the wonders of your baby, checking for their healthy growth and development.  I see families and additional 3 times (or more) through 6 weeks post Partum.

Labor Doula:

Minimum 2 Prenatal Visits, Birth, 2 Post-Partum Visits

As a Labor Doula, I find it important to get to know the family I am hired to support.  I require a MINIMUM of 2 prenatal visits, but I do believe that having a few more than that is ideal.  This helps solidify our trust, allows time for education, to learn about a families choices, and good preparation for this special time. Our meetings can take place in your home, at my office, on a hike, at the beach, out to lunch…you name it! I am available by phone and email for questions and exciting details of your pregnancy.  I can assist in creating a “birth plan” (though I like to talk about it more as “preferences” since a plan sounds so solid and the nature of birth is fluid) and then do my very best in sticking to those preferences when the time comes and helping make informed decisions when faced with unexpected choices.

When your baby decides it is time to make it’s appearance, I will advise you through the early stages until you decide its time for some hands on help.  Some people would rather me meet them at their home, others choose to meet up at the hospital.  I will stay with you through the twists and turns, the stretches and the deep breaths of labor and delivery.  I can help you and your partner navigate the ebbs and flows of the post-partum phase, set you and your baby up for successful breast feeding, and be available for those “random” questions in the weeks to follow.

Lactation Support:

The World Health Organization recommends exclusive breast feeding for at least the first 6 months of life for the best possible start to an infant’s life.  I am a trained Lactation Consultant offering in home nursing assistance for you and your little one. No matter the shape and size of your breasts or nipples, I feel confident that with a little bit of practice and patience, I can help lead you and your baby down the road to successful breast feeding. Together we can learn how to read your baby’s cues, get a deeper latch, and I can provide you with tips and resources to increase productivity.  I am available for questions or concerns that may arise as you head back to work or encounter changes in your baby’s needs and feeding habits throughout their first several months.

~ updated 3/19

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