This one’s for all you pregnant mammas out there who feel like you should be doing more with your time…

I have mourned lost days

When I accomplished nothing of importance

But not lately

Lately under the lunar tide

Of a woman’s ocean

I work my own sea change

Turning grains of sand into human eyes

I daydream after breakfast

While the spirit of eggs and toast

Knits together a length of bone

As fine as a wheat stalk

Later as I postpone weeding the garden

I will make two hands

That may tend a hundred gardens

I need ten full moons exactly

For keeping the animal promise

I offer myself up: Unsaintly

But transmuted anyway

By the most ordinary miracle

I am nothing in this world

Beyond the things one woman does

But here are eyes that were once pearls

And here is a second chance

Where there was none

(I’m looking for the author’s name and will post it here later)